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Desert pea - Notes of Nectar, Rose and Tiger Lily

Desert pea - Notes of Nectar, Rose and Tiger Lily

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Desert Pea

The scent - Strong-willed and intense with notes of nectar, rose and tiger lily.

Innately intense, vivid, loyal, and unwavering. Yet… thoughtful, reflective, tranquil, and composed. Traditional values are woven into a modern tapestry of understanding.

Black and red mixed in with a million intricate shades of grey.  Always the voice of reason and the hand of peace. The first one we turn to for dependable advice and unconditional love.

Keep her warm and in your heart, for she has great things to achieve and will boldly go forward despite all odds

Desert Pea - Inspiration

A uniquely eye-catching wildflower, the Desert Pea features pea-shaped, butterfly blooms. The dazzling scarlet and black displays are set against downy silver foliage.

The striking wildflower grows best in the desert - left wild and free. The annual plant has a trailing habit. It often flowers after rain and prefers a sunny yet sheltered position.

The Desert Pea has captured the imaginations of generations. Ancient dreaming stories pay homage to the Desert Pea as a flower of remembrance.

The depth of the blood-like colours has symbolised much for those who have witnessed it growing in the arid interior of the continent embodying images of loyalty, respect, peace, sacrifice and lineage.

Candle Size - 300g / 50+ hours / double wick

Australian Made Candles / Handpoured Soy Candle / Small Batch / Family Owned / Hand Labelled and Packaged

Australian Brands High Quality
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