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Christmas Tree Soy Candle

Christmas Tree Soy Candle

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Look, we all know that the Northern Hemisphere is home to some pretty cool Christmas shit that we miss out on down here in the southern parts: carolling, chestnuts and eggnog by the fire, ice skating, cheesy Hallmark Channel Christmas movies with C-grade stars, real trees, and good ol’ soft, powdery snow.

Whether you’re watching the Crows at Adelaide Oval or elbowing your way throwing the Central Markets, you’re all about Radelaide. Plus everything’s 20 minutes away.

Buy it for The homesick Yankee or Canadian who’s stuck in Australia for Christmas this year.

Made from 100% natural soy wax, this baby is brimming with the woody scents of freshly-picked fir needles, pine, and lush mistletoe, gently complemented by the warmth of rosewood and amber. Think: cool ‘n crisp meets warm snuggles with by the fire. Hot tip: Just one sniff of this beauty at your annual office Christmas party, and you’ll be forgiven if you go around pashing every sexy elf that walks underneath it.

Approx. 470g with 80+ hours burn time

Australian Brands High Quality
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