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Circa Home Collection

At CIRCA, we don’t simply want to scent your home, but also add to its overall sense of style.

That’s why when designing our new glassware, we took inspiration from the Art Deco period and made it contemporary. Characterised by rich colours, bold geometry and intricate detail, the Art Deco trend is one that’s both timeless and stylish. It’s also versatile in the home – bridging the gap between classic and modern interior aesthetics.

And so we arrived at the idea for a faceted design in both our diffuser and candle offerings. The rounded candle vessel reflects light beautifully, whether it’s sunlight during the day or the flicker of a flame in the evening. It also comes with a debossed Gilver lid (a metallic shade that comes from mixing gold and silver) to protect the soy wax formula when it’s not in use.

Our faceted glass diffusers echo similar detailing, with an elegant Gilver trim around the neck of the bottle. The vessel itself is slightly shorter and broader than our previous design, but still diffuses fragrance for up to three months. The good news is Gilver suits any colour palette at home.

Simple but elevated, both our candles and diffusers play up the contrast between clean lines and curved edges, adding a luxurious touch to any space. All that’s left to do is select your favourite fragrance (or three).

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