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Vous Pouvez | The Mini Candle of Confidence

Vous Pouvez | The Mini Candle of Confidence

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Infused with Carnelian, Vous Pouvez will offer you energy, confidence, creativity and vitality. Vous Pouvez is the candle of YES! A candle designed to be your cheer squad, your number one fan and a constant reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Carnelian is a red crystal and it really gets that fire burning in your soul, if you are in need of a little push or a reminder that you are enough and you have all the qualities you need, then Vous Pouvez was created for you. Providing an ample amount of energy and focus Vous Pouvez will help you find a level of confidence you didn’t know you had, it will even increase your vitality in the bedroom (total win!).

Vous Pouvez is perfect for anyone preparing for or healing from a major physical accomplishment (childbirth, surgery, marathon, etc.) and will also help cement any physical goals you might have (like finally committing to the gym or going for a walk every day). Vous Pouvez will help you turn your dreams into a reality and will even help fight off any nasty immune-destroying bugs (keep it close during winter).

Pair Vous Pouvez with Enceinte for an epic fertility combination, both candles will work together to invigorate the mind, body and soul.

With the sweetest scent of Japanese Honeysuckle you will be drawn to the flowering vine and the soft florals it creates in the air.

Base: Vanilla, Malt, Jasmine, Cedarwood
Middle: Grape, Neroli
Top: Mandarin, Pine Needle

The affirmations:
I am worthy
My thoughts are incredible
Every decision I make improves my future
Happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy

Burn time: 25 hours
100% natural soy wax
100% cotton lead, free wicks
Hand poured in Melbourne
Affirmations will provide stronger energy

Australian Brands High Quality
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