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Soulvent Oriental Tea Soy Candle

Soulvent Oriental Tea Soy Candle

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Welcome to Soulvent, where our Oriental Tea Soy Candle invites you on a sensory journey.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of top notes featuring Sage and Bergamot, leading you to the heart of nature's embrace. The middle notes of Lotus Flower, Longjing Tea, and Rose weave a tapestry of tranquillity, while the base notes of Tea Fragrance and Musk ground you in a symphony of aromatic bliss. 170g

Let our fragrances bring the soul of the natural world into your home, where each inhale is a moment of serenity and connection with the essence of life.

Design - Encased in a handmade cream-coloured glass jar, these scented candles are made exclusively for people who only want the best. The matching glass lid is adorned with a polished round stone handle, adding a tactile experience to an already visually appealing item.

With Soulvent, you can create a harmonious sanctuary within your home while treading lightly on the Earth. Join us on this fragrant journey as we strive to foster a deep connection with nature and inspire a sustainable lifestyle—Soulvent Indoor Fragrances - where the harmony of nature and the preservation of our environment unite.

Top: Sage | Bergamot
Middle: Lotus Flower | Longjing Tea | Rose
Base: Tea Fragrance | Musk

Australian Brands High Quality
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