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Wekuku White Tea Scented Soy Candle

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Wekuku Scented Room Candles - White Tea

The Designer Soy Wax Scented Candles Taking the US and Australian Market by Storm.

WOW series - scented candles
We all wish to be successful, and the WOW-scented candle series expresses the hope of unlocking a special skillset in order to be successful. It’s the blunt truth that we are sometimes too shy to admit to.

The WOW series is based on a pun; the word “grab” in Chinese is the same as “master”. When the candle is being used, the "palm" is placed at the bottom of the candle, just like someone holding the candle in the palm of their hand. A true collectible candle!

Infused with the calming essence of white tea, this scent invites you to a state of peaceful bliss. At the top, experience the refreshing notes of white tea, accompanied by the delicate allure of fresh jasmine and the vibrant spark of bergamot. As the scent journey unfolds, immerse yourself in the heart notes of incense, green tea, and a comforting tea base. The base notes leave a lasting impression with the subtle warmth of amaryllis seed, the grounding essence of vetiver root, and a touch of hay.

TOP: White Tea | Fresh Jasmine | Sparkling Bergamot
MIDDLE: Incense | Green Tea | Tea Base
BASE: Amaryllis Seed | Vetiver Root | Hay

Please note the gift set packaging has changed, however, the contents are the same.