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CIRCA Room & Linen Spray - Jasmine & Magnolia 120mL

CIRCA Room & Linen Spray - Jasmine & Magnolia 120mL

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CIRCA Room & Linen Spray - Jasmine & Magnolia 120mL.

Graceful, refined and utterly feminine, Jasmine and Magnolia whisper to the romantics among us.

With gentle notes of Ylang Ylang and Frangipani, this fragrance conjures up the nostalgia of a summer evening, a floral corsage and just a hint of prom dress.

Top: Clover, Bergamot
Middle: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Lily, Frangipani
Base: Sweet Musk

INSTRUCTIONS: If desired, spray 2 - 3 pumps or more into the air to enhance your space or scent your linens with fragrance. When misting linen or fabric furnishings, spray 20cm away and on washable fabrics. Avoid use around delicate fabrics and surfaces.

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